Atlantic Weather brings Renewed Hope, Fish and Growth

Johnson Apr 15As of yesterday our Atlantic weather returned with a vengeance. The river looked totally different with water in it and with the milder weather one could almost hear the grass grow All lakes were unfishable and people had difficulty standing up on the river not alone casting a fly.

Before I start waxing lyrically about the fish we have caught today, I must first of all compliment all the anglers we had last week who persisted fishing in the face of adversity. Adversity of course being dreadful fishing conditions. In fairness there was a fish or two risen but to no avail. Some of our anglers even tried fishing the small Brown Trout lakes but the brownies were not even taking. So well done to all of you and sorry I can’t organise the conditions.

The river rose to 50 yesterday but was almost impossible to fish with the wind. There was a good tide yesterday evening and I saw a number of fish entering the river, which was indeed a welcome sight. Sadly none of them were in the taking mood.

Today however is a different story with 3 caught on the lakes so far.

Hadden Apr 15Rob Fanshawe with Terry Johnson at the helm had the first of the day, off Doolough weighing in at 11lbs.

Bob Hadden got off to a great start with a fish 8lbs8ozs off Finlough on a Willie Gunn. Hopefully it will be his first of many for the week.

David Parry , a member of John Faith’s party managed to land his first ever salmon off a lake. It weighed in at 9lbs6ozs and was taken from Fin Stream on a Willie Gunn.

With conditions looking good for the next few days I would be very hopeful that we will get plenty of fish this week!!






David Parry  15th Apr