20 Minutes of Piscatorial Bliss for Geordy

Well after what I would have considered a disappointing few weeks since our first fish, our season got back on track yesterday, when George Yendall (Geordy to his friends) landed two springers in the space of twenty minutes in the Rock Pool.

For the past 10 to 12 days our angling has been difficult with high water and very low water temperatures. Since the 10th water temperatures have struggled to get over 5 degrees C, more often than not, it was between 4.4 and 5. Yesterday there was a notable change in temperatures, and there was some lovely spring sunshine which actually brought some nature and kindness to the day. Water was still running at 60 from rain on Friday but was dropping nicely. So, it was with great anticipation and some hope that Philip McGarrity and his party set forth. Philip had a fish on for about 15 minutes in the Waterfall but alas it dropped off just before the net.

Two of the party retired for the day at about 4pm, but Philip and Geordy fished on. As I was on my usual run at 4.30 pm to see how things were going Geordy had just landed a beautiful fish of approx. 9.5lbs in the Rock Pool on a Willie Gunn, tied on a copper tube. I duly returned the fish to proceed on it’s life’s journey and said to Geordy that the older anglers always said that if you get one you should fish again straight away, as normally a fish is rarely alone.

After photos were taken and Geordy and Philip calmed down, they started again, and I went to have a look in the Meadow Pool. As I was about to come up Philip rang me to say Geordy had just landed another one. Right enough when I got up Geordy had a lovely fish of 7lbs3ozs on the bank. Needless to say it was the Willie Gunn and the same spot in the Rock. He was in 7th Heaven and shaking like a leaf. Well done Geordy, it will be 20 minutes to remember.

We have heavy rain this morning and the river is rising again, but by 11am Geordy had already lost a fish. If he gets any more his fishing partners will start to get grumpy!! That’s fishing and hopefully with some milder weather on the way we will see some more action in the next few days. D.McEvoy

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George Yendall wild 17th Feb 2