Yvonne To the Fore Again

Well it certainly doesn’t seem like four years since Yvonne landed her 20lbs6ozs fish in the Waterfall on International Women’s Day. Believe it or not Yvonne managed to do it again one day short of International Women’s Day. In the same Pool this morning with the same fly, a Nightstar she managed to land a cracking fish of 17lbs, in the exact same spot.

t was expertly netted by her husband Werner. The fish was one of our own ranched fish of Multi sea winter stock which had probably spent three winters at sea.
Feeling outfished by his wife Werner did manage to regain some ground in the afternoon when he landed a 12lbs fish in the Meadow Pool on a Tosh tube. However Yvonne managed to strike lucky again when shortly afterwards she landed her second fish of the day of approx 16lbs, also on a Tosh tube.

It was incredible fishing for such a small system in early March. There were a few more fish lost earlier in the week but there was definitely a big pick up today. It looks like the number of fish running is starting to increase. With this in mind and the tremendous success we’ve had today there are some rods left next week, so if anyone is interested please contact myself or the office. D.McEvoy

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