Young Guns to the Fore

Constantine, Manuel & Max 26 MarWith water levels near perfect our German group started the week with great expectations despite the bitterly cold weather conditions.

I have never experienced temperatures like this at this stage of the year. The air temp. is struggling to hit 3 or 4 and the water temp. is consistently around 5 or lower. It makes lake fishing only for the brave hearted. Any fish caught on the lake will certainly be well earned.

The river is producing fish with 5 since my last update.

On the 25th Werner had the first of these from the New Island pool of approx. 8lbs on a Collie Dog. Hasse Dehlin then had a fish of approx. 12lbs in the Whin on a Collie Dog.

Yesterday Hasse Dehlin had another fish of approx. 13lbs from the Rock pool on a Collie Dog.

Then it was the young men’s time. First of these was Max Dittrich who landed his first ever from the Kings pool on a Collie Dog. It was a sea liced fish of 7lbs12ozs. Needless to say Max was rather proud and his father Marcel was even more so.

Then Constantine Schmittmann, whose father Stefan had just given him a few casts in the Rock pool managed to hook and then land the fish in the Kings pool. Again there was great excitement as there were numerous onlookers. The sea liced fish was taken on a Willie Gunn and weighed in at 7lbs7ozs. We must also spare a thought for Manuel Nolde who lost a fish yesterday just about 10 minutes after I had left him on his own.

It’s always a pleasure to see young lads catch their first salmon as they are the future generation.

So far today we have seen fish but nothing landed yet, but hopefully we will before the close of play. D.McEvoy