Worrying Times

I’m afraid to say that we are still looking for number 1. It would be fair to say that this last week has been disappointing from a fishing viewpoint despite some excellent conditions. It must also be said that the anglers were not bad either.

The week started with great hope with a fresh fish being lost last Monday. The river was at 65 then and it filed down all week to 30 today. So as conditions go you could not ask for better.

There is nothing like spring salmon fishing to bring you back down to earth, it is indeed a great leveller.

Hopefully this week will see the first being caught. As it happens we have the hardened old veterans of Mills, Dunlop and Jackson and as John Mills always reminds me “you’d never know the minute”.

On a more serious note it has come to our attention that there is a petition on Minister of State Fergus O’ Dowd’s desk from representatives of the draft net licence holders onKillaryHarbourand the estuary of the Owenduff and Owenmore to extend the draft net season by opening it 2 to 4 weeks earlier.

If this extension is allowed I don’t have to tell you the consequences for all the systems involved. This would specifically target MSW salmon. These are the same MSW fish that anglers in Ireland are restricted to one a day and only three before the 12th of May. Earlier this year there was talk about single barbless hooks in certain areas. What will anglers think if the minister grants an extension by allowing the season to open 2 to 4 weeks earlier.

What I would ask people reading this is to write opposing this proposal to;

Minister of State Fergus O’Dowd,
Dept. of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources,
29-31 Adelaide Rd,

A copy of the letter could also be sent to our local TD
Minister of State Michael Ring,

If the proposal goes ahead it will be a serious step backwards.