Week 29 Ends on a High

It’s truly amazing the dramatic change that occurs in the West of Ireland when you get weather fronts streaming in from the Atlantic. Valleys are transformed into rivulets of cascading water where just 24 hours previously there was only a trickle. The rain started about 2am on Friday morning and by midnight 68mms (2.67”) had fallen. The river hit a high of 100, which believe it or not was the biggest flood we have had since the first few days in March.

DL_0291Our fishing picked up dramatically after the rain. There were 23 fish in total for the week, 8 before the rain and 15 after. Having said that there were plenty of fish running in the lower water but they were difficult to tempt. As usual the dynamic duo of Ken McMillan and Alan Boyd accounted for a good number of the total.

Despite lots of fish being seen last Sunday, we drew a blank, but on Monday morning Ken and Alan had one each. Ken had a fish of 5lbs11ozs from the Grilse Pool on a Curry’s Red Shrimp and Alan’s was 3lbs on a purple Shrimp Fly from the Turn Pool. There were two again on the Tuesday, with Helen Westropp landing one off Fin of 3lbs8ozs on a Connemara Black and Alan Boyd landing one of approx. 4.5lbs in the Meadow Pool on a Curry’s Red Shrimp. DL_0293There were two also on 19th with George Westropp landing a grilse of approx. 1.5lbs in the Meadow on a Cascade and Alan Boyd landing one of 4lbs12ozs on a Collie Dog from Fin Stream. On the 20th Alan Boyd was on the score sheet again with one from the Schoolhouse of 4lbs on a Curry’s Red Shrimp and Brian Shaw having one of 4lbs1oz from the Road Pool on a Thunder Flash.

The 21st we had the flood but there were 5 landed in the evening. I had my first Irish salmon since 2015 from the Waterfall of 4lbs9ozs on a Gary Dog copper tube fished on a sinking line. Ken and Alan had two each from the Bridge, Turn and Quarry. Alan’s were approx. 4.5lbs and 4lbs6ozs and Ken’s were 2lbs12ozs and 3lbs6ozs. Ken also lost 5 more. All were taken on Cascade Tubes.

DL_0287The 22nd the water was in perfect order and ten were landed, four off Fin and six off the river. Ash Mathews had two, one of approx. 2lbs on a Silver Grey from the Turn Pool and one of 2lbs8ozs from the Kings on a Silver Wilkinson. Teddy Coulter had one of 3lbs8ozs off the Kings on a Green Highlander Variant and Brian O’Donohoe had a nice grilse off Fin Stream of 2lbs15ozs on a Soldier Palmer. Paul had a red-letter day landing the remaining six, three from Fin and three off the River. The Finlough fish were approx. 4lbs, 4lbs14ozs and 3lbs9ozs, with one on a Willie Gunn and two on a Foxford Shrimp. The three off the river were approx. 4.5lbs, approx. 4lbs and 3lbs12ozs, taken from the Whin, Turn and Rock and all on a Delphi Collie.

Water is still running at 40 and it’s looking like it will be topped up during the week. There is the odd rod here and there so if interested just call us and I would expect good fishing over the next few days. D.McEvoy