Week 18 and Beyond

Delphi_Lodge_04_2013Week 18 was indeed a real United Nations of anglers with representatives from Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and England. We finished the week with eight fish all taken in the river. Finlough was proving to be fickle, with difficult winds and temperatures again struggling to achieve double figures.

Since my last update we finished with 4 more last week, all taken by a couple of regular German anglers. The fish were taken from the Schoolhouse, Rock, Horseshoe and Rock on a Collie Dog, Cascade, Willie Gunn and Delphi Collie. The fish all sea liced weighed in at 9lbs3ozs, 7lbs12ozs, 6lbs14ozs and 5lbs12ozs respectively.

So far this week fishing has been difficult with water heights varying quite a lot and temperatures still low. I have seen fish in the river but they are proving challenging to catch.

Jimmy Keogh has however managed to land a fish of approx. 5.5lbs from Doolough on a Willie Gunn yesterday.

There will be plenty of water for fish to run as there is more rain forecast tonight, so I’d say tomorrow morning the heavy rods, lines and flies will be out.

I must also advise you bloggers to check out our new You tube video “In Pursuit of Silver” which can be seen on our website.
In Pursuit of Silver – Delphi Fishery – Established 1830 – YouTube Video