Week 14 – Slow to Start – Better Towards End

Week 14 was unusual here at Delphi, in that we had near perfect conditions all week but it was only from Wednesday on that the river produced. I could not fault the anglers as they were all experienced and fished hard. It was disappointing in ways not to catch more but it appears that the fish seem to be coming in pulses, whereby it will be very quiet for a few days and then there will be a few fish caught in a couple of days.

DL_10042016_3First fish of the week was taken by Heribert off Finlough on Monday. It was caught in Salmon City on a Collie Dog Conehead and weighed in at 8lbs8ozs. Heribert had a pretty amazing week as he landed a further three fish on the 6th, 7th and 8th. The first was from the Whin Pool and weighed in at approx. 8.5lbs again on a Collie Dog Conehaed. The second was a cracker and it also happens to be the first fish of the year from the Rock Pool. It was taken on a Willie Gunn and weighed in at 11lbs6ozs. His final fish of the week came from the New Island Pool on a Collie Dog and was approx. 8lbs.

Fifth fish of the week was taken by Peter Morrison (of Morrison Pool fame) who has been fishing here since the early 90’s with his DL_PMorrison_10042016fellow syndicate member Keith Pilkington and let there be no doubt that Peter has earned great bragging rights having been the one to catch this year. His fish was taken in the Waterfall Pool on a Black and Yellow Shrimp fly and weighed in at 8lbs11ozs. So well done Peter, hard luck Keith!!

Yesterday we had a serious team of anglers here but they failed to catch. There were quite a few fish seen in Finlough yesterday, but it was mirror calm for the most part, which was after the snow we had in the early morning. Today Finlough is unfishable, with white squalls from the NE blowing down the lake. It is also bitterly cold and it started to rain at about 11am. A real spring salmon fishing day!!

With water levels at 40 and rising conditions should be good for a few days to come yet. Here’s hoping the fish co-operate. D.McEvoy