Water and Fish

In my last update I did suggest that a change in weather conditions was on the way and I’m glad to say it certainly came. Total rainfall for the month of May 175.7mms (6.92”) of which 159.4mms (6.26”) fell in the last 7 days. Added to this we have had 32mms (1.26”) for the first three days of June and the system is well flushed after the long dry spell and looking wonderful with the river at 55 now, the lowest it’s been since the morning of the 29th, when it started the day at 5 and was 70 by 6pm and extremely coloured.

DL_1047As a result of this change the fish have woken up and we also have fresh fish running. First off the mark was Enrico Fantasia, who had a fish of 7lbs at Butler’s Point on Finlough on a Willie Gunn on the 29th. Despite the good water, fishing didn’t pick up until the 1stof June, when there were two fish landed. John Foley landed his first ever salmon, a sea liced fish of 4lbs5ozs in the Whin Pool on a Willie Gunn. Martin Ceillier followed this up in the evening with one from the Waterfall of 3lbs13ozs, also on a Willie Gunn.

There were three landed on Sunday, amazingly two off Finlough in horrendous conditions. Seamus O’Neill had two, one in the morning from the Schoolhouse of 7lbs12ozs on a Cascade. Seamus caught this fish on the far side, which is not unusual, but the water was running at 80 at the time, which I’m sure is the highest level a fish has ever been caught in the Schoolhouse at. DL_1050He had a second on Finlough in the afternoon of 8lbs8ozs on a Delphi Collie. Martin Ceillier had the second fish of his visit off Finlough, wighing in 3lbs9ozs on a Willie Gunn.

There were four landed yesterday. Kurt Roth had two, one from the Turn Pool of 3lbs14.5ozs on a Cascade and the second from the Stream on Finlough of 3lbs6ozs on a Silver Stoat. Martin Cellier had his third and best fish of his stay, when he landed a cracking sea liced grilse of 6lbs8ozs on the same Willie Gunn.

Fish of the day was a real family affair with Aine Lyons landing her first ever salmon, taken on Doolough and weighing in at 6lbs10.5ozs. The fishing excursion included herself, her husband and two children. Well done to her and hopefully it will be the start of a long and fruitful salmon fishing career.DL_1060

This morning there were three landed on the river. Warren Osako had a beautiful fish of 8lbs13.5ozs from the Rock Pool on a Collie Dog. Bob Richerson had one of 3lbs12ozs from the Bridge Pool, also on a Collie Dog. Finally, Shauna Waterer after loosing a cracking fish, made up for it some what when she landed one of 3lbs9ozs in the Schoolhouse on a Cascade.

Conditions over the next few days should be ideal. Water levels will drop slowly as the lakes have been well filled. There is also plenty of availability over the next two weeks and I think the last few days is the start of what I think will be a good Grilse run, so if anyone is interested just give us a shout. D.McEvoy