Twenty for Week 30

Fishing this week has not been bad here at Delphi, with twenty landed for the week, but we may have expected more given the excellent water, with levels never falling below 25 and good numbers of fish in the system, but once again they are proving hard to get.

DL_0297Bob Hadden started the week off in fine style with two fish off Fin on Sunday morning. The first was a fish of approx. 7.5lbs off Boat Point and the second from Weedy Point of 6lbs5ozs, both on a Red Shrimp Fly. George Westropp had a grilse of approx. 2.75lbs from Salmon City on Fin on a Cascade in the afternoon and finally Paul Smyth had a lovely grilse of approx. 6lbs from Morrisons on a Gary Dog. There was only one on the 24th which Kurt Roth landed with the help of his son Oliver. The fish weighed in at approx. 4lbs, was taken in the Turn Pool on a Black Frances. Alexander Mills had a fish of 3lbs9ozs off Boat Point on Fin on the 25th on a Willie Gunn.

DL_1465After some heavy overnight rain the river was at 60 on the morning of the 26th and there were five landed. George Westropp had a cracking grilse of approx. 5lbs from the Whin Pool on a Cascade. The McGrath party had four between them, with Kirstyanna MacLeod having two, one of 4lbs6ozs from the Turn and one of 3lbs1oz from the Whin, both on Cascades. Her father David also had one from the Whin of 4lbs1oz on a Willie Gunn and Neil McGrath had one from the Turn of 3lbs12ozs also on a Willie Gunn. There were three on the 27th; Ralph Griffin having one of 2lbs7ozs from the Mouth of the Glenummera on Doolough on a Collie Dog. Then with had two first ever salmon with Mary Claire Rodwell from England landing a nice fish of 4lbs11ozs from the Whin and Conor Nunnally from the US having one of 3lbs3ozs from the Bridge Pool, both on a Collie Dogs.DL_0305

There were five landed on the 28th with Paul Wymes once again showing his class landing four, three off the river and one, off Fin. The three on the river weighed in at approx. 3.5lbs, approx 3.75lbs and 5lbs7ozs from Morrisons, Whin and Bridge Pools all on a sinking line and a Delphi Collie. The Finlough fish weighed in at 2lbs5ozs from Goughs Bay and was taken on a Foxford Shrimp. Ralph Griffin also had a fish from the Stream on Fin of 3lbs12ozs on a Collie Dog.

David Dunne had the only fish yesterday, from the Whin Pool of 4lbs1oz on a Cascade. The water is still running at 50 so water levels are perfect. DL_0307The only problem is that when the wind dies the dreaded midge make fishing almost unbearable as they seem to be particularly hungry at the moment. The weather is forecast broken for the week so conditions for catching should be ideal! D.McEvoy