Three in Two Days

Well after what can only be described as a slow February from a fishing viewpoint, we finally have a few fish running and this week we have had three in two days.

DL_Rudi_20170309Rudi Groener bagged our second fish of the season, a lovely sea liced fish of 7lbs5ozs taken from the Whin Pool on Thursday. Water levels were 55 at the time and the fish took a Cascade Tube. Rudi has been fishing since Saturday and it was indeed just reward for all the effort he put in during the week.

Werner then hit the jackpot with two fish in 20 minutes. The first was landed in the Horseshoe Pool on a Cascade Tube and was approx. 8lbs. The second twenty minutes later was taken in the Waterfall, again on a Cascade Tube and weighed in at 8lbs5ozs. Water levels at the time were 58.

As I said earlier February was slow, with Bob Hadden landing the first of the season. There was another lost about a week later and one or two more seen but none landed despite some hardened and expert anglers.

After a closed season that could only be described as extremely dry and calm by Delphi standards, with rainfall amounting to 524.15mms (20.6”), compared to 1192.6mms (46.95”) for the same period the previous year. It was indeed rather unusual but it did make the winter that much shorter for all those living on the west coast. February was also relatively dry with only 187mms (7.36”) and most of this came in the last 10 days of the month. This put the river well up with the gauge being over 65 most days. March to date seems to be back to normality with 158mms (6.22”) to date so water levels have continued to stay high with the gauge still at 55 today. It looks like we have a nice week weather wise coming up so conditions should be ideal as the water will stay at an excellent fishing height all week.

There are rods available so if anyone is interested just give us a shout as we are full for the last two weeks in March. For anyone thinking ahead there is also availability in the last week of July and into August which I believe should be good this year. I can’t guarantee this but I would be hopeful of a good grilse run.

Hopefully I’ll be blogging again in a couple of days to give glowing reports of more fish!! D.McEvoy