Thirty Caught Despite Drought Conditions

DSCN1163Despite truly incredible weather, salmon fishing has been steady with thirty fish landed since my last update. By truly incredible weather I mean our rainfall gauge has registered 0.0mms since the 1st of September. If this continues for the remainder of the month, we may even have less rainfall than February 1986 when it was only 10mms.

Winds for the most part have been relatively light and from an Easterly direction. It’s certainly a far cry from the Atlantic depressions that normally roll in, with heavy rainfall and gales.

Roger and Carol Corry who are regular Winter visitors to Delphi who were touring Ireland for a week dropped by in their 86 year old Logonda hadn’t even put the hood up which it must be said is pretty amazing for Ireland in September.

DSCN1160In week 37 we had eleven fish all accounted for by the Shortt party, including Mike Shortt, Chris Cromey Hawke, Mark Corps and Myles Kelly. Eight of these came from the Turn, two from the Whin and one from the Road pool. Nine were on beaded nymphs, one on a Mini Tube and one on a Collie Dog. Mark Corps had the biggest of 12lbs4ozs

Most of the other anglers that week concentrated on trout fishing and the Moore and Gregory party were delighted to have 60 sea trout between them.

In week 38 we had some long standing Delphi regulars, Jack Browne, the Westropp boys, Mike Heckler, the Bannon party and Maggie and Paul Sims. It was however Barbara Ceillier who started the week on a high note in landing a salmon at Cross Point on Doolough of approx. 6lbs on a Dry DSCN1162Daddy. Jack Browne landed our first salmon off Glencullin since 2007, a fish of approx. 5lbs on a Stoats Tail. He followed this up on Thursday with a fish off Doolough of 5lbs8ozs, also on a Stoats Tail. Paul Sims managed to take two from Finlough of 4lbs and 8lbs12ozs, both on Connemara Blacks. Joe Senders had a lovely fish of approx. 9lbs off Doolough on a Stoats Tail. Finally Patrick Bannon had his first ever salmon, a relatively fresh fish of 2lbs13ozs from the Whin Pool on a Frances. Edward Westropp followed this up on Friday with a fish of 5lbs on a Connemara Black off Finlough.

Sea trout fishing was a bit slower but we landed 67 for the week, up to 2lbs. This was primarily due to the efforts of Paul and Maggie Sims, Neale and Caron Moss and Mike Heckler and Mel Parrot.

photoThen we welcomed the Sir Henry Club from Denmark to Delphi for the first time. The group comprised of Thor, Frederik, Peter and Henrik Larsen; Martin and Ben Kay, Brian Gottorp Jeppesen, Stefan Richter, Malte Petersen and Peter Kutzner. The social aspect of their visit is very important, but they have collectively landed ten salmon, nine off the river and one off Finlough. Brian Gottorp Jeppesen holds the prize so far for the largest salmon of the group of 8lbs2ozs taken from the Turn pool on a beaded nymph.

So far today one fish has been landed by Mark Corps from the Turn pool of 4lbs2ozs on a beaded nymph. Having said that the weather here is absolutely stunning today. Hopefully we may see a change this week or we may be setting a new rainfall record. I may even see the rock in the Grilse pool out of the water for the second time in 23 years. The one in the Quarry pool is already out! D.McEvoy


Lagonda at Delphi - Roger & Carol Corry