The Trend Continues

James Rainford 7th SeptSalmon are definitely on strike for the past couple of weeks and have proved extremely difficult to move. They are of course performing their usual theatrics on the River and Finlough, which only manages to infuriate people even more.

Can anybody give me the magic formula or will we just have to wait till the mood takes them.

We do however have some serious salmon anglers this week, who I won’t name yet for fear they actually blank. One of them came close this morning in loosing a fish. I expect better, gentlemen, so no pressure. I do of course expect to write glowing reports of fish being landed before the end of the week.

Sea trout have proved slightly more co-operative with approx. 50 landed since my last update. They are however not giving themselves up either and it tends to be patchy enough. Again all sea trout are of excellent quality and shaped almost like a rugby ball.

Sea Trout 2012David Rainford was the most successful in landing a beautiful sea trout of approx. 4lbs off Doolough on the artificial dap. David managed to land the fish on Friday morning last so needless to say it made his week.

Hopefully as the weather starts to become more autumnal it will put some kind of a stir on the salmon or we’ll have to resort to hand grenades!!!!