The Monsoon Ends and the Fish Start to Play

Delphi_FinThe first week in March has been altogether a different kettle of fish (sorry, excuse the pun) than the last three months. We actually even saw blue skies from time to time. It was a much better fishing week with the water at one stage falling to 48. We even got some warmer temperatures, both air and water.

We have had some seriously experienced Bavarian anglers here this week and it must be said that they fished hard all week and were duly rewarded for their efforts in landing three fish so far.

The first was a fish of approx. 10lbs taken off Finlough on a Collie Dog on Tuesday. This fish again like the previous off Fin had been in a month or so. The second, again on Tuesday came off the Waterfall pool weighed in at 8lbs4ozs, was dead fresh and was taken on a Black and Yellow tube.

The third was taken on Thursday, a sea liced fish of 8lbs7ozs from the Horseshoe pool on a Sunrae conehead. This fish was taken while the river was rising as we had quite a lot of rain yesterday.

Friday morning the river was at 65 and dropped steadily during the day. We got another belt of rain yesterday 11.5mms to be exact, which brought the river to just under 70. Today we have lovely conditions which hopefully will continue for the most part of the week. With this in mind I’ll be expecting to have plenty to report during the week.