The Longest Day

DSCN1087It’s hard to believe that we have reached that stage of the year already. There are those who would say it’s all downhill from here, but we won’t worry too much about that because as the saying goes “The show must go on”. Hopefully we have plenty of salmon to catch before the end of September.

This week was slow as regards fishing, which given the weather conditions is not surprising at all. Air temperatures were regularly above 20 degrees, with near calm conditions and clear blue skies. Water temperature peaked at 19.7 degrees on Wednesday.

Despite the terrible weather conditions for angling we managed to land three fish for the week.

DSCN1083The first was taken last Monday by David Hartstein from the US who managed to land his first ever salmon having had some terrific sport in the Turn pool. The fish took a Corps Nymph and weighed in at 4lbs12.5ozs and was fresh. David also met another four fish.

The following day Jeff Mouttet (one of the McCall party) from the US, also managed to land his first ever salmon. The fish was taken on the Turn pool on a Corps nymph and weighed in at 8lbs1oz. Amazingly this fish had long tail sea lice.

On Wednesday Margaret Downes also managed to wangle one out of the Turn pool. The fish weighed in at 9lbs, was taken on a Corps nymph and also had long tail sea lice.

The fish then became rather wary of the Corps nymph and fishing since has proved unfruitful, despite a gallant effort from all here.

2014-06-20 13.48.48_resizedIt should be remarked that even though the fishing was slow all who were here said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As some often say it’s a beautiful place to blank!!

The river is now at 0 so hopefully we may get some rain during the week to freshen things up a bit. We don’t after all need too much sunshine!! It’s hard to keep everyone happy!!