The Cuckoo Landed and the Year Rolls On

It’s hard to believe that we are already in Mid-May. The years seem to pass quicker as one gets older or is it just me. The Cuckoo as usual arrived in April, this year the 18th was the first day we heard it’s lovely song, a rare experience for some of our guests here.

Conditions throughout the month of April good, with rainfall amounting to 191.2mms (7.52”) and water levels varying between 70 early in the month, dropping off to 11 by the 28th and then up again to 35 for the last couple of days. Despite this, fishing has been very slow, with only ten fish landed. One interesting point of note is that 7 of the 10 fish were 10lbs or more. First of the month was landed by Mark Corps, a fish of 17lbs from Goughs Bay on Finlough on a Cascade on the 2nd. It was a full week then before there was any more action. On the 9th David Ladensohn from the US managed to land two fish, including his 1st ever, of 12lbs from the Turn Pool on a Willie Gunn and the second of 8.5lbs from the Stream on Finlough on a Dee Sheep. Oliver Ross then had one from Finlough on the 12th of 10.5lbs on a Willie Gunn. Mauricio Gordillio followed up on the 13th with one of 7.5lbs from the Horseshoe on a Delphi Collie. Seamus O’Neill also had one from the Horseshoe on the 14th of 13 lbs on a Delphi Collie. Dominic Breen-Turner from the Isle of Wight managed to land his 1st ever salmon on the 15th with his Grandfathers 100 year old Split Cane Rod on a Cascade, a fish of 10lbs from the Stream on Finlough. Elias Osterkorn from Germany also had a 1st ever, of 8.5lbs from Sligo Bay on Finlough on a Willie Gunn.

The final two fish of April were exceptional, with retired Baseball Pro Rick Porcello from the US also landing his 1st ever on the 19th, a magnificent fish of 91cms, estimated 17.75lbs from the Rock Pool on a Sunrae he tied himself. His wife Kat only had one photo of it before a quick release and I have to say it’s just a great photo and a magnificent fish. Pat Hagan from Balbriggan finished off the month on the 27th with another great fish of 14.5lbs from Wrens Point on Finlough on a Sunrae on the 27th. That brought the April total to 10 and the year to date to 19.

Conditions in May have been more difficult, with water levels dropping off and some dry settled weather finally appearing. As a result, fishing has also been slow with only one fish landed by Dwight Atkinson from the US of 9.5lbs from the Deadman’s on a Green Highlander on the 7th. Dwight like many others in the country was lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis and here at Delphi he took some spectacular photos of the event, which was truly amazing. One is looking back over the Lodge and the second looks over Finlough with Mweelrea in the background.

Runs to date have been poor almost everywhere but hopefully it will pick up before the Grilse arrive and I’ll have lots of fish to report. We live in hope! D.McEvoy