The Cuckoo Has Landed

It’s a sure sign that Summer is fast approaching, when the Cuckoo can be heard echoing through the Delphi valley. Everything seems to burst into life over a very short period of time, with the different species of native trees various shades of green, which makes late April and early May a most beautiful time. The only unwelcome visitor is the dreaded midge, which often remerges with a vengeance, but then again, they are part of what Delphi is.

The fishing on the other hand has been a little quieter since my last update, with the weather playing a major factor. In February we had 297.1mms (11.69”), March 350mms (13.78”) and April only 165.6mms (6.52”). Our Atlantic depressions basically ended on the 21stof March; since then we have been under the influence of Easterly airflows which normally for us brings much less rain. Throughout February and March, the river rarely fell below 50. In April it struggled to go above 25 and when it did it dropped again within a day or two.

Week 18, the last few days in April and the first few in May, water levels did manage to stay above 25 till the end of the week. As a result, we landed 5 fish, with a few more seen and lost. It was a little disappointing, given the good water, but it was relatively calm most days and we were still experiencing Easterly airflows.

DL_07052019_2First to land a fish since my last update was Heinz who had a sparkling grilse on the 22ndof April of 3lbs10ozs from the Stream on Finlough. Week 18 saw the return of a longstanding German/Swiss group, one of whom was Urs. No doubt that in salmon fishing persistence, skill, experience, knowledge and a little bit of luck are paramount and there is no argument that Urs has the first four attributes in abundance. As a result, Urs landed three for the week. The first was from the Stream on Finlough on a Willie Gunn of 10lbs6ozs. The second was a cracking sea liced fish of 11lbs14ozs from the Whin Pool on an Improved Helmore’s Hackles. Whilst playing the fish the top piece of his rod actually shattered, so you could say there actually was a bit of luck involved in landing this one. The third, was a grilse from Finlough of 4lbs14ozs on a Willie Gunn.

It was indeed a special week for young Robert Schiedt, as he landed his first ever salmon. DL_07052019_4The fish came off Finlough on a Delphi Collie and weighed in at 7lbs8ozs. Well done Robert from all at Delphi. Hans who has been coming to Delphi for many years also had a fish off Finlough of 9lbs6ozs on a Willie Gunn.

Water levels have now dropped off to 14, although there is some promise of rain over the next couple of days, so hopefully it will put a stir on the fish, so that it’s not only the wonderful nature we are admiring and enjoying in this majestic place!! D.McEvoy

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