The Cuckoo Has Landed

Well it’s hard to believe that we are already at that time of year again. It was never that hard to hear the Cuckoo in Delphi and indeed there were occasions when much to the annoyance of some of our guests the Cuckoo would keep singing all night.

Like last year there is definitely no problem hearing him/her as our accommodation is still closed to guests, so the valley is silent, although we are seeing a lot more traffic at weekends as people venture out to enjoy the beautiful scenery and some light beverages at our food truck. Paddy Heneghan always used to say the Cuckoo never arrived in Delphi before the 23rd of April but this year I heard it first on the 17th.

Since my last update on Paddy’s day fishing has been relatively slow, with 15 fish landed. Water levels were good up to the end of March, but once again April has proven difficult with water dropping off and is now at 10 on the gauge.

At the moment we are experiencing some stunning weather, not exactly what one would call ideal for salmon fishing. As from the 12th of April our fishing has been open to people from county Mayo or 20kms into Galway.

All bar 3 of the 15 fish were landed before the 12th by local anglers the highlight of which was without doubt young Iarla Gavin and company on Paddy’s day itself. The fish weighed in at 6lbs12ozs and was taken on Finlough on a Collie Dog and needless to say there was great excitement for this young group of kids who live 500 meters from Bundorragha.

Our total now stands at 21 which is disappointing. I would have expected and forecast more but I’m living in hope as in 2003, we had 25 fish by the end of April and then we got 91 in May, 2009 we had 100 in May and 2011, an amazing 122, so with a little help from the rain Gods, there’s always hope or else I will have to eat humble pie. Once again I hope we will see you in the not to distant future. Stay safe and until next time.

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