Temperatures Rise and Catches Steady

Finally, the temperatures have started to creep up and with a little bit of Spring in the air nature is at last starting to burst into life. New born lambs have once again started to become a hazard on our roads in the Delphi Valley.

Fishing has been progressing nicely since my last update, with 14 fish landed in ten days. The first of these was landed by David Allcutt on the 9th, a nice fish of approx. 10lbs on Doolough on a Black and Yellow Tube. Shortly afterwards, Mikhail Berezin from Russia, fishing with his wife and grandson caught his first ever salmon, a fish of 6lbs14ozs from Fisherman’s Rock on Doolough on a Blue and Silver Toby.

david 2The following day Alan Dunlop had a fish of 7lbs14ozs off Finlough on a Collie Dog. Michael McClintock also had a fish, off Morrisons of approx. 7lbs on a Delphi Collie, after which great celebrations ensued. This was also the case the next day when Tom Gumbrielle had a fish of 8lbs3ozs in the Meadow Pool which was graciously landed by his fishing partner David Allcutt.

Willie Gunn was the successful pattern on this occasion. The following day Jim Jackson had a nice fish off Finlough of 6lbs10ozs on a Cascade. On Friday, David Allcutt, then finished his week in fine style with a lovely fish of 10lbs15ozs from Salmon City on Finlough on a Willie Gunn.

There were three landed on the 14th. Bob Hadden got his week off to a great start with a fish of 9lbs11ozs from the Whin Pool on a Cascade Conehead. Barbara Ceillier had a good fish of approx. 10lbs from Weedy Point on Finlough on a Sunrae Shadow. Finally Robert Gillespie had a fish of 8lbs from the Bridge Pool on a Sunrae Shadow.

DL_190418_4The river was now down to 20 but this did not deter Martin Ceillier, who landed a fish of 9lbs2ozs from the Meadow Pool on a Collie Dog. Monday and Tuesday were basically written off, with rain 56mms(over 2”) and gales on Monday and then gales on Tuesday, with even Finlough unfishable.

Conditions were nice yesterday morning with the river at 55 and a strong but steady wind. Alan Dunlop landed a fish of 8lbs10ozs from the Stream on Finlough on a Collie Dog. The afternoon became very difficult with the wind rising again. This deterred many but not Rocky and Eddie Gibbons, who had a fish each off Finlough of 6lbs7ozs and 7lbs1oz, later in the evening, both taken on Cascades.

After heavy rain yesterday evening the river is now at 60 and I’m expecting fish to be caught. There is some availability on Finlough next week and a rod or two on the river towards the end of the week and with Spring on the way I would expect fish to be a bit more active. If anyone is interested, please give us a call. D.McEvoy

Bookings can be made through our website or give us a call on +353 (0) 954-2222 and we will be delighted to look after you.


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