Switzerland to the Fore

Markus_Urs_Peter_13th AugFirstly I must apologise for not updating you in the last couple of weeks but I have been on holidays. However in my absence 47 fish have been landed ( so maybe I should go away more often!!) The dynamic Swiss team in the form of Urs and Markus Merz accounted for 20 of these.

First fish since my last update was William Hamilton with a fine fish of approx. 10lbs on a Green Peter Muddler at the Split Rock on Doolough on the 5th. Stephen Buchanan also had one of 3lbs6ozs from the Whin pool on a Cascade.

There were four on the 6th, Urs 5lbs from Middle river on a Minky, Robert Ganly 3lbs from Fin on a Yellow shrimp, Markus Merz 4lbs10.5ozs, Road pool on a Nymph and on his first days Atlantic salmon fishing Howell Ferguson had a fish of 10lbs4.5ozs from Cross Point on Doolough on a Silver Daddy on a 6wt rod which was indeed a great achievement.

Howell Ferguson 5th AugUrs was the only one on the score sheet on the 7th with a fine 10lbs8ozs fish from Fin on a Willie Gunn. We drew a blank on the 8th and then landed three on the 9th, Oliver Ross 4lbs approx. Turn pool on a Cascade, Gareth Beattie 4lbs5ozs Turn pool on a Silver Stoat and Urs 2lbs11ozs Road pool on a Neighbours Cat nymph. The 10th of August belonged to Switzerland, with Urs landing two, 2lbs approx from Quarry on a Delphi Collie and 8lbs4ozs on a Willie Gunn from Fin and Markus Merz had one off Fin 7lbs5ozs on a Tummel fly.

Week 33 and Pat Cassidy who ended the salmon famine last year had a fish of approx. 3lbs on the 11th from the Road pool on a beaded nymph. Markus Merz also had one of 4lbs5ozs off Fin on a Stoats Tail. Dominic McAtamney was the only one to land a fish on the 12th of 5lbs9ozs from the Turn pool on a Collie Dog.

The 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th belonged almost entirely to the dynamic Swiss pairing of Urs and Markus Merz. Urs had three on the 13th, 9lbso.5ozs, 12lbs5ozs and 9lbs0.5ozs, the first on the Neighbours Cat from the Bridge pool and the next two from Fin on Willie Gunn’s. The 14th he only had one off Fin on a Willie Gunn weighing in at 5lbs2ozs. The 15th there were seven landed; Urs having two, both off Fin on Willie Gunn’s weighing in at 10lbs2ozs and 12lbs14ozs. Markus landed four off Fin of 10lbs3ozs, 6lbs4ozs, 7lbs14ozs and 11 and ¾ lbs approx. on Munroe Killer, Cascade and Fluorescent Green. Brendan Keenan 21st AugFoster Swetenham had a fish from the Schoolhouse of 4lbs7ozs on a Silver Stoat. The 16th Urs had two, one of 3lbs4.5ozs from the Waterfall and one from the Quarry of 2lbs approx. also on a Delphi Collie. At this stage as Urs and Markus’s stay came to an end it was time for the Delphi salmon to get a reprieve from the dynamic Swiss duo that tormented them for two weeks.

The 17th still produced five fish at the hands of some experienced Delphi anglers. Mark Corps had two from Fin of approx. 5 and 2.5lbs on an Elaine shrimp and an Orange shrimp. Myles Kelly had one on a Black Goldfinch of approx. 5lbs. Mike Shortt had one of 3lbs7ozs in the Bridge pool on a Beaded nymph and Alexander Mills had one from Fin of 2lbs8ozs on a Red shrimp.

Week 34 saw a new influx of anglers and Brendan Keenan was first on the mark on the 18th with a fish of approx. 4lbs from the Quarry on a Shrimp fly and Hugh Brennan had one of 6lbs2ozs from Fin on a Bann Special. The 19th David Hugh Smith had a fish of 5lbs14ozs from Morrisons on a Willie Gunn. The 20th there were four landed with David Hugh Smith having one of approx. 4lbs from the Turn pool on a Red Frances. Nicholas Rothkoetter had two, one off the Turn of approx. 4lbs on a Red Frances and one of 5lbs7ozs from Fin on a Sunrae Shadow. Peter Morris also had a fish off Doo of 2lbs8ozs on a Cascade. Yesterday the 21st there were 6 landed. David Keane had his first ever salmon, a fish of 4lbs off Doo on a Bibio. Hugh Brennan had one from Fin of 2lbs9ozs on a Bann Special. Brendan Keenan had one of 4lbs5ozs on a Willie Gunn off the Turn pool. Nickolas Rothkoetter 21st AugNicholas Rothkoetter had one of 5lbs4ozs from the Quarry pool on a Willie Gunn. Herman Josef Koetter also had one from the Quarry pool of approx. 2lbs on a Red Francis. Finally Steve Jones had one of 4lbs10ozs on a Willie Gunn from Cooleens.

Today has been quiet so far on the fishing front, but there are plenty of fish in the system and we have fishing available next week so anybody interested in wetting a line just call us. D.McEvoy