Swedes Land Four From Finlough

delphi_20150319_2Well after quite a protracted spell of typically West of Ireland weather with heavy rain and severe gales our weather finally settled. This coincided with the arrival of a group of seriousbig river and big fish specialists from Sweden who normally fish the famous Norwegian salmon waters.

We had beautiful sunshine, light winds and no rain all week. After the previous few weeks, water levels held up nicely, falling slowly throughout the week with the gauge now reading 28. However, the fish in the river proved difficult to catch, even though I know there were fish running because any time I checked, I saw fish.

As is often the case once we get into March Finlough started to produce fish. Our Swedish party managed to land four. First off the mark, showing up the boys was Lisa Engberg with a nice fish of 8lbs. The fish was taken at Boat Point, on a Collie Dog and was in a day or two.

We then had a family double when Hasse Dehlin and his son Thomas landed one each. Hasse had a cracking fish of 9lbs9ozs from the bottom reeds. This was taken on a Tosh and again was only in a day or two. Thomas’ was slightly smaller at 7lbs1oz and was taken at the Fallen Tree on a Collie Dog. Again this fish didn’t have sea lice but was just in.

Finally Nils Anderssen who specialises in big fish in Norway had always found it difficult to transfer that expertise to our smaller fish here delphi_20150319managed to land a fish of approx. 7.5lbs on a Collie Dog. Well done Nils.

It looks like the settled weather will continue into the middle of next week, when we may get a belt of rain. At the moment there is still plenty of water for fish to run and only this morning I saw fish at the bottom. With a group of experienced anglers arriving tomorrow it will be interesting to see how they fare out. D. McEvoy