Swedes finish with 7

Hasse Dehlin’s Swedish group finished their week with 7 cracking springers and met probably another 10 or 12 fish.

Since my last update they had three more fish.

On the 20th Arne Forsgren had his second fish from Finlough. It was taken on a McLeod and weighed in at approx. 11lbs.

Then on the 21st Thomas Dehlin had his second, a fish of 7lbs5ozs taken from Finlough on a McLeod.

Finally Thomas Almer had a sea liced fish of approx. 9lbs from the Quarry pool on a Purple Rain.

At that stage the river was at 60, so there was plenty of water for the week to come.

Our Swedish group did extremely well and were very happy. The only problem I had is that they didn’t bring the arctic weather back to Sweden with them, as since they have left it’s gotten even colder. We’ll still be delighted to see them again next year provided they leave their weather in Sweden. D.McEvoy