Swedes Finish On A High

DSCN0971Since my last update our Swedish party finished out their week in fine style with Jan Ronnlund eclipsing Lisa Engbert’s fish by half an ounce.

Jan landed his fish from the Deadman’s in bitterly cold weather with the river at 45 and rising, as we had a good belt of rain the previous night. The fish weighed in at 11lbs15.5ozs, was sea liced and was again taken on a Breakfast fly.

The lake fishers that day only managed to last a short time as it was so cold, it made lake fishing almost unbearable.

The river was in good order on Saturday but again it was bitterly cold with showers of hail. Yesterday conditions were good and Randy Yetmann lost a cracker of a fish in the Rock that decided to leave the pool and in doing so they parted company.

There was another good belt of rain last night and the river is now at 60 with a strong SE gale which makes casting difficult. So far today we have nothing but with the weather calming down a little it bodes well for this afternoon and indeed the remainder of the week for what is a very multinational team with anglers from Germany, Sweden and the US.

Hopefully I’ll have plenty to report in a couple of days. D.McEvoy