Well according to the meteorologists it’s officially Summertime, although more often than not, here on the West Coast of Ireland it doesn’t feel quite like Summer. Firstly I must apologise for not updating you all since the Cuckoo landed, who incidentally is still here but I’m sure will depart our shores very shortly once again.

Our April total ended up at 11, which was slow, although fishing pressure was light due to Covid restrictions and the month was dry, with only 57mms (2.3”) of rain.

Fishing picked up somewhat in May, with conditions that were more conducive to salmon fishing with rainfall amounting to 214.9mms (8.46”).Fishing pressure was also greater as inter county restrictions were lifted from the 10th of May. God, it was good to see people we hadn’t seen in such a long time.

People were just delighted to be able to venture out. Most anglers who came from Dublin didn’t actually know how their cars would react when they went over 60kms. People who lived in the country and worked outdoors were indeed blessed to have this privilege during lockdown.

Obviously our catches increased and we had a total of 20 fish for the month of May. I would have expected more and it’s very difficult to estimate the number of fish in the system, as at this point in time there seems to be a good head of fish in Finlough. There were many highlights in the month.

Gareth Beattie had a cracking picture perfect fish of 15lbs on the 11th from the Turn Pool on a Willie Gunn. The Turley brothers were on the mark, with Greg having a beauty of 12lbs5ozs from the Holly also on a Willie Gunn. Grace Wade, Michael and Hazel’s daughter managed to land her first ever salmon, a fish of 6lbs5ozs off Finlough.

We had a very successful Glenda Powell Fly Fishing Course with six participants who all enjoyed themselves thoroughly, although we may as well have called it, “How to Catch Spring Salmon with Barbara Ceillier” as Barbara managed to land three gorgeous fish the pick of which she hooked in the Rock Pool and landed in the Kings and weighed in at 13lbs9ozs and was taken on a Tosh Needle tube.

We have five fish so far for June, four Springers and one Grilse. The pick of these and without doubt the fish of the year so far was Wendel Armstrong’s of 17.5lbs. The fish measured 90.5cms and would be approx 17.5 based on Salmometer calculations. Wendel actually hooked the fish in the Rock Pool and landed it in Kings on a size 12 Badger. The photo doesn’t really do it justice though as there was no photographer on hand at the time.

Although water levels are relatively low at the minute it’s only in the last few days that fish can be seen at the top bridge and there are a few good ones among them. Hopefully it’s a sign of good days to come. Slowly but surely it seems that we are returning to normality and a great dark cloud is being lifted and at last we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Stay safe all until we meet again. DMcEvoy

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