Spring Salmon Fishing in Paradise

Well, we are now into our 12th day of the 2018 fishing season and Pat Hagan’s fish on the 1st is still our only fish to date. We have had a few people fishing, but pressure has been relatively light except for the weekends, when we had some experienced anglers trying their luck. There were a number of kelts caught over the first weekend and Hugh Brennan had a number of kelts over his stay, last week.

A team of very experienced anglers, headed by Angus Sutherland tried their luck this weekend, but nothing was landed. They did however meet three fish and there was much debate as to whether they were fresh or kelts, but they weren’t on for long enough to determine this fact.

It has been real Spring Salmon fishing weather, with the lowest water being 30 and the highest 75. Water temperatures have varied from 6 to 4.4 degrees C, a little on the low side to say the least! Still I will have to say that I expected to see a few more fish landed at this stage, but that’s the beauty of salmon fishing, when you think you have it cracked they’ll make a fool of you.

The scenery has been magical to say the least and I can think of no place more beautiful to blank! The last couple of days have been especially cold and not for the faint hearted. Hopefully we will see some fish in the next couple of days, as it would make the scenery even better! D.McEvoy

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