Spot the Difference

It’s hard to believe that a good night’s rain could make people so happy. Water levels were getting really desperate here at Delphi in the last week, or should I as few weeks as the last nice fall of rain we had was the 20th and the 21st of May. In the interim rain has been promised on and off but it never materialised. Weather apps on phones were being checked on an hourly basis, so much so that we were all ready to throw the phones in the lake, if it was deep enough!!


For the past few days there has been rain promised but only small amounts fell. The river was still well below 0 and needless to say we weren’t expecting much last night either. I got a pleasant surprise on my way to work this morning especially as I wasn’t expecting much given that the local river the Bunowen was much the same as it has been. Once I could see Doolough valley I thought I was hallucinating as there were cascades of water coming down the mountain. As I got closer I realised it was actually water and I must say I never saw waterfalls looking so pretty in all my life.

Boats had to be bailed which is actually a bit of a novelty and believe it or not the river had risen to 65. There was only 13mms in the rain gauge, but there was obviously a lot more on the hills. The river was very dirty this morning which is to be expected but it was actually flowing!! So hopefully in the next couple of days I will be reporting on shoals of salmon running the river. There is more rain forecast today and then it looks like it will dry up again but at least this water will give us a reprieve for the coming days.

We did actually land two fish here since my last update. Ian Carroll had a fish off Finlough of approx. 7lbs on a Delphi Collie and Kurt Roth having spent all day in the boat on Doolough decided to throw a few casts at the mouth of the Glenummera, even though there was no flow coming into the lake managed to land a fish of approx. 8lbs on a Red Frances.

I should also mention tried hard all week despite the very difficult conditions. Bill Middleton was one of these and his persistence was rewarded with a fish of over 4lbs on the Falls Pool of our neighbouring Erriff river.

There is nothing off the river yet but hopefully it may produce in the afternoon as it should be fishable by then. D.McEvoy