Somerville Sets New Record

DSCN1062Good catches have continued here at Delphi since my update with 18 fish landed. There were plenty of highlights during the interim with five people landing their first ever salmon; Paul Wymes landing seven for the week; but the spotlight this week has to be on John Somerville who succeeded in not stepping on his line this year and landed a magnificent 19lbs9oz fish off Finlough. This pips Urs fish of 2011 by 2ounces and makes it the heaviest fish of the modern era.

Simon Albertini finished his week off in style when he landed a fish of 9lbs3ozs in the Stream on Finlough on a Sunray Shadow on the 23rd.

The 24th was slow enough with long time regular Bertrand Fenart from France landing the only fish of the day, of 5lbs4.5ozs off the shore on Doolough.

DSCN1052The 25th saw a big improvement with six landed. Bertrand Fenart had his second fish, of 5lbs11.5ozs in the Rock pool on a Collie Dog. His fishing partner Jean Louis Berthomieu who had just managed to lose a fish then proceeded to break in a good fish. Finally on his third attempt, he managed to land his first ever Atlantic salmon of 6lbs13ozs on a Collie Dog. All this activity took place in the Rock pool in the space of an hour. Paul and Michael Wymes teamed up in a boat on Finlough and had a fish each of 9lbs2ozs and 5lbs12ozs on a Frances and a Willie Gunn respectively. Nick Cunningham who was part of a large party staying at the lodge who were thoroughly enjoying the social aspect of the trip managed to land his first ever Irish salmon of 8lbs1.5ozs from the Kings pool on a Delphi Collie. Paul Wymes had his second of the day of approx. 9lbs on an Arabelle shrimp on Finlough.

jean-louis_berthomieu_first_ever _salmonOn the 26th two fish were landed, both by Paul Wymes off Finlough. The first was approx. 8lbs and the second was 11lbs15ozs. They were taken on an Arabelle shrimp and a Wilkinson shrimp respectively.

On the 27th Anouchka Jennings managed to land her first ever salmon. It was taken trolling off Doolough and weighed in at 8lbs12ozs.

The 28th was a day of first evers. Bill Marsden landed his first ever salmon trolling on Doolough. The fish weighed in at 7lbs9ozs. Chris Simpkin also had his first ever, a fish of 7lbs13ozs off the Turn pool on a Beaded nymph.

The 29th saw four fish landed. Paul Wymes had three fish, one of the Turn pool of approx. 3.5lbs on a Delphi Collie and two from Boat Point on Fin one of approx. 11lbs and one of 10lbs7ozs. Both were taken on a Blue Elver.

Then we had John Somerville’s monster. The fish was taken off Boat Point on Fin using a type 7 sinking line on a Delphi Collie. He was also using a 6wt Hardy Sintrix. The battle ensued for an hour until the fish was finally netted by Paul Wymes, which in itself was rather fitting as John had landed Paul’s fish of 17lbs12ozs last year. Needless to say great celebrations followed as the fish did the rounds of many establishments in the Cornamona/Clonbur area. Knowing John there are probably a few more to come yet (celebratory nights out that is!!)

DSCN1054We blanked on the 30th and yesterday we thought we were in for a bonanza as there were beautiful conditions on Finlough. Etienne Verhasselt managed to land his first ever salmon, a fish of 4lbs9ozs off Finlough on a Delphi Collie in the morning. In the afternoon Paul Wymes and Declan Tuffy who writes the odd article for Trout and Salmon and ties exquisite flies teamed up on Fin and I thought I’d have to bring the wheel barrow down to carry all the fish up, but they never touched a thing. As one other angler commented the only thing they got was a little taste of humility!!

With some good rain falling today, water levels should rise again and I’m hopeful that the good catches should continue.