Shades of Summer

DSCN1079Today we are seeing glimpses of the fine summer weather appearing as we approach the longest day of the year. Temperatures are beginning to creep up and if the fishing slows down as I sincerely hope it doesn’t, the scenery will always be magnificent.

Having said that we had a relatively good week with fifteen fish landed, despite some difficult conditions and the midges making their mark.

First on the score sheet last Sunday was Chris Dickinson who landed a lovely sea liced fish of 9lbs11.5ozs off the Whin pool on a Sunrae Shadow.

Monday we drew a blank and on Tuesday the old Maestro himself John Mills was on the mark again with a sea liced fish of 7lbs6ozs off the Turn pool on a Delphi Collie.

On Wednesday Mike Shortt saved the day with a sea liced fish of 5lbs on a Corps nymph from the Turn pool.

20140610_154815_resizedThursday was a bit of a deluge as regards fish as we landed seven. Chris Dickinson had his second of the week, a fish of 7lbs13ozs off Fin on a Sunrae Shadow. The dynamic duo of John Mills and Alan Dunlop had one each off Finlough, of 8lbs11ozs and 8lbs3ozs on a Collie Dog and a Willie Gunn respectively. David Hewetson Brown had a sea liced fish of 6lbs3ozs from the Rock pool on a Willie Gunn. Jean Howman had one from the Deadman’s of 4lbs on a Teal Blue and Silver. Not to be outdone by his brother Mark Shortt had a fish from the Stream on Fin of 6lbs on an Allie Shrimp. Finally Chris Cromey Hawke also had a fish from the Stream on Fin of approx. 5lbs on a Delphi Collie.

Friday Mark Shortt got one up on his brother Mike when he landed his second fish of the week, a 4lbs8oz fish from the Quarry pool on an Allie Shrimp.

So far today we have had four fish. Peter Joyce had one from the Rock pool of 3lbs4ozs on a Red Shrimp. The Westport trio of Sean Moogan, Tom Callanan and David Duffy managed three in a boat off Finlough of 8lbs6ozs, 9lbs4ozs and 10lbs on a Cascade, a Conehead Flamethrower and a Willie Gunn respectively.

This afternoon the sun has broken through and temperatures have risen dramatically, so our new group of anglers this week will have to pull out all the stops if the weather forecast is proven correct. D.McEvoy