Seven for the Week despite Difficult Conditions

Well as I predicted the water did taper off during the week and it must be said that we had some glorious weather also. The anglers may not have thought so but I must say there were no complaints and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and recharged their batteries. Again the social aspect of the week was probably more important than the fishing.

Simon Albertini was first off the mark on Sunday morning with a nice fish off Finlough of 6lbs11ozs on a Willie Gunn.

DL_0119Jussi Stromberg from Finland who is normally outfished at Delphi by his good friend and fishing partner Miko was I’m glad to say the lucky one this time. He managed to land two fish, both from the Quarry Pool and both on a Red Frances. The first was 8lbs6ozs and the second 6lbs14ozs. Both fish were sea liced.

There were actually two fish landed on Wednesday. Nick Foden Patternson had the first, off Finlough of 7lbs8ozs on a Willie Gunn. Then Etienne Verhasselt from Belgium had a nice fish of 6lbs12ozs from the Waterfall on a Red Frances.

Arthur Jardine had a sea liced fish from the Turn Pool on Thursday on a Red Frances of 5lbs3ozs.

Finally Paul Wymes who has been rather unlucky this year in comparison to other years finally got his first Delphi fish of the year, when he landed a lovely sea liced fish of approx. 7.5lbs at Boat Point on Fin on Saturday. The fish took a Blue Elver fished on the dropper on a slime line.

DL_1376The river is now running at about 10 and judging by the forecast the most we can hope for over the next few days is a good thunder lump which if it hits us properly could put the river up. Our anglers this week will need all their experience to pull out a few fish. It has probably been one of the driest May’s we have had in a good number of years, but hopefully we will see some increase in water in the not too distant future. D.McEvoy