Seasons Greetings

Well since my last update the year has progressed and it won’t be long before we’ll be fishing again. When last I blogged we were still experiencing extremely mild and relatively dry weather. With the fantastic year we have had weather wise it had to come to an end at some stage. Well it certainly did and we are now back into our prevailing Atlantic weather patterns, big time. The rain and wind started on the 11th of December and since then we have had some spectacular floods and storms. In the 10 days since then we have had 268.3mms or 10.56 inches. There have also been numerous power outages. I suppose you could call it typical West of Ireland Winter weather. I think the attached photos from December 14th will give some idea of the ferocity of the weather!!

Delphi_FinloughWhat the rain has meant is that fish have finally had a chance to spawn, especially sea trout a lot of whom would spawn in the small steams off the lakes. Only last Wednesday I showed 28 school children between the ages of 10 and 12 from Louisburgh 7 pairs of sea trout spawning in a stream opposite the island on Doolough. It was a wonderful sight and the children were amazed. Actually even the bus drivers who have travelled the road for years never realised such wonderful events of nature could be seen without even getting out of your vehicle.

Today salmon could be seen spawning at a few prime spots on the Glenummera, the river that flows into Doolough. Again it’s a wonderful sight and few are privileged to witness such events.

At this stage the trout will be all but finished spawning, but the salmon will keep going till the first week in January. Also if anyone is wondering we didn’t get the 20 pounder netting, although there were a few that would not have been too far from it when fresh.

So all we can do now is dream about next year, which won’t be long coming around and at this juncture I would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers, friends and customers a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. D.McEvoy