Scenic 11 Mar 13 001As of yet we have not returned to our normal Gulf Stream weather, if anything it has gotten colder with the air temperature about freezing today and water temperature at 3.9 degrees C which believe you me is about as low as it gets here. We also have snow and ice on the hills.

Since my last update we have no more salmon landed even though fish have been seen and I know this for a fact because I myself have seen them. We did get some rain between the 5th and the 9th, 21.1mms to be exact, so the river did actually go up to 23 on Friday but it dropped back down relatively quickly.

At the moment it would be very difficult to see fish because of the extremely windy conditions which make it next to impossible to spot fish.  We do have a group in at the moment, who are trying their best and hopefully we will get some better conditions before the end of the week.

Despite the poor conditions it must be said that this morning was absolutely breathtaking with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. On days like these I often think when I round the corner at the top of Doolough and see the vista before me of all you poor sods commuting to work in rather different surroundings than myself, ha,ha! Then I think, life isn’t so bad after all!!

Hopefully my next update will be more about fish and less about scenery. D.McEvoy.