Salmon Fishing Picks Up

Since I last updated the blog on Monday we have had 12 fish. Sea trout were relatively quiet this week with condtions being extreme which definately did not help. Monday and Tuesday we landed no salmon, which was due in part to the extreme weather.

Wednesday was a big improvement with 5 fish landed. They were all landed by the Shortt party with Mike landing 2, one of 4lbs8ozs and another of 12lbs. Both fish took an Annabelle and came off the Turn Pool. Mark Corps had the other three, two off the Turn Pool weighing in at 2lbs and 8lbs on a Tara and a Prawn Fly and one off Duffers Run of 3lbs on a Tara.

Thursday we had 4 fish all off Finlough. Mark Corps landed two more, from Salmon City, both on Collie Dogs and weighing in at 3lbs2ozs and 6lbs8ozs. Edwin Boyd also landed a fish in the same boat also from Salmon City on a Yellow Dog and weighing in at 7lbs14ozs. Chad Young from USA landed his first ever Atlantic Salmon of 6lbs2ozs also from Salmon City on a Shrimp Fly.

Yesterday we landed three fish, all off the river. Mark Corps had one on a Yellow Shrimp of 7lbs5ozs from the Turn Pool. Peter Willmott landed a fish of 4lbs10ozs on an Allie Shrimp from the Quarry Flats. Finally our last fish was landed by Mike Heckler and turned out to be an escapee of 8lbs1oz. It took a Claret Bumble. I think I was the last one to catch an escapee on the rod about 5 years ago. Hopefully we wont see too many more of them. No fish have been landed today so far. That brings our total salmon landed for the year (not including the escapee) to 449. Hopefully they will stay relatively active for the remainder of the season and we will land a few more.