Salmon Continue to be Difficult

Since my last update we have landed 6 salmon. As of yet they havn’t started giving themselves up despite the recent rain.

The week started well with Maxi Schiedt landing a fine 8lbs8oz fish off Fin on Sunday morning on a Bruiser Bumble. Peter Eaton followed up in the afternoon with his first Delphi salmon, a 6lbs11.5oz fish taken from the stream on Fin on a Currie Shrimp. We also had two salmon on Tuesday. Leander Schilling from Germany had his first ever, a 2lbs fish off Fin on a Willie Gunn.
David Rainford landed his 20th Delphi salmon a 6lbs fish off the Turn pool on a Delphi Collie. Wednesday there were also two landed. Maxi Schiedt had a 3lbs12ozs fish off Fin on a Willie Gunn, while David Rainford landed another, from the Meadow of 8lbs8ozs on a Delphi Collie.

Sea trout fishing has been difficult this week mainly due to extreme weather condtions on Doolough and Glencullin. Judging by the forecast, this may not change over the next few days with more exreme wind forecast. This may hopefully stir the salmon up a bit more. That now brings our season total to 432.