Rain, rain

The weather forecast last Sunday the 19th was for mixed weather for the week. I’m afraid the national forecast does not takeDelphi’s micro climate into account. We had 85.3mm or 3.36 inches of rain this week and as a result the river never fell below 60 until yesterday. In fact Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it ranged from 100 to 80 so find that elusive fish was difficult.

John Brennan, Roger Kenny and Geoffrey Fitzjohn tried hard in the early days of the week to no avail. Later as it tapered off we had Gerry McGuinness, David Allcutt and the Brady party. I’m afraid they drew a blank also.

We have some serious German anglers this week. They have been out this morning with the river at 45 and as yet that first of the year still evades us.

If the forecast for this week is correct there should be excellent conditions, and with the quality of anglers we have I would be expecting the first.