Rain on the Way-Hopefully!!

At this point in time there is a possibility of some broken weather on the way. At this stage the whole country needs a good fall of rain, as our last normal flood was the 19thof June. This kept the river in good order until the end of June, at which stage it was 12 on the gauge.

It continued to drop and hit 0 on the 3rdof July. Since then the river has not actually risen above 0. It was -20 on the 14that which stage we got 21mms of rain and it rose to 0 again and has since dropped off to -7, but we had 10mms last night and it came up to 0 again. Total rainfall for July to date has only been 44.9mms and water temperatures have been 15.5 at their lowest and 21.5 at their highest. So at this stage a good Delphi flood would be most welcome.

DL_1614Despite this low water we have had fish running, especially when the river hit 0 on the 15thand coincided with a 4.8 metre tide. As a result, fishing has been difficult but we have landed six since my last update. The first of these was taken by Klaus Buening with the river at -12, from the Whin Pool on a Van Beck, weighing in at 1lb13ozs.

Richard Greenaway had a good fish of 12lbs6ozs from the Turn Pool on the 13thon a Silver Stoat. Rory Landman had a fish of 7lbs12ozs from Finlough on a Yellow Ally on the 15th. After the rise in water Alan Boyd was the first one on the mark with a fresh fish of approx. 3.5lbs from the Turn Pool on a Collie Dog.

Ken McMillan then had another nice fresh fish of 5lbs5ozs from the Whin Pool on a Frances on the 18th. Finally young Finn taylor had a fish of 4lbs4ozs off Finlough on a Black Shrimp on the 22nd.

There are also a good number of sea trout in the system, but with they are also playing hard to get. Having said that Tara Whitley had a lovely sea trout of approx. 3lbs last week off the Waterfall Pool.

There are plenty of salmon to be seen in certain pools of the river, but it really needs a good fall of rain at this stage. It will also be interesting to see what number of fresh fish run when the rain does eventually fall. Fingers crossed!! D.McEvoy

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