Rain and Fish


Connor O'Leary 5 Mar 16The 17mms of rain that was recorded yesterday allows me at last to talk more about fish and less about scenery. We have 3 fish landed since the rain came and it was indeed most welcome.

After fishing hard all week a group of very keen German anglers spearheaded by Taki Alvanos were finally rewarded when yesterday Hermann Josef Stirken saved the day when he landed a fresh fish of approx. 7.5lbs from Morrisons on a Black and Red tube. I have often noted in the past that fish don’t necessarily run immediately after the first flood, so he did extremely well.

Today on the other hand as I had suspected even though the water has dropped off to 25 has been much better with 2 landed and 2 lost as of lunch time.

Conor O’Leary had the first from the Rock pool of 12lbs approx. on a Tosh variant. He was on such a high after landing and releasing the fish that he had to come up to the lodge to calm down. He was one happy man.

Brian O'Donohoe 16th MarchThen Brian O’Donohoe landed a fish of 8lbs15ozs in Morrisons on a Willie Gunn. Brian was pretty happy as well to say the least.

We should also spare a thought for Ciaran Boland who had 2 fish on this morning, one briefly and the other which wrapped the line around a rock and broke him.

After quite a long dry spell it’s lovely to see these beautiful fresh springers showing up. Hopefully we will get a few more in the next couple of days. I think there is some rain forecast for tomorrow which would top things up nicely.

As the old song goes “Happy days are here again”, well from the fish point of view anyway. D.McEvoy