Having been brought up fishing for sea trout in the 70’s and 80’s, I always find it hard to get excited when people start talking them up.

Having said that we had two boats on Doolough yesterday, that concentrated solely on sea trout and ended up landing 24 up to 2lbs8ozs. So you could say that I would be quietly confident about the prospect of good sea trout returns this year.

The other very noticeable factor is that they are all in prime condition, i.e. all shaped like a rugby ball. In fact I would say that the quality of them is as good as I have seen since the early 80’s.

But I will stress that it’s early days yet, but the signs are good.

On the salmon front William Beattie got off to a great start this morning with a sea liced fish of 3lbs10.5ozs from the Waterfall on a Cascade. There were also a few more risen and lost. There are fresh fish being seen all the time but as is often the case this year they are not being overly co-operative. The water is now running at 19 and it looks like it will be topped up again on Tuesday.