Paddy Heneghan 1922-2012

Paddy HeneghanPaddy was born in what is now Waterfall Cottage on the 27th June 1922. He was the eldest son John and Bridgit. He had two brothers, Michael who still lives in Louisburgh, and Jim who died of meningitis in 1945, and three sisters, Bridie who died of rheumatic fever in 1949, Mary who died in 2010 and Nonie who still lives at the home place at Doolough.

The Heneghans were originally woodmen from Cork. They moved to Mayo in the early 19th century to fell the once great oak woods along the Erriff River. In the 1890’s Paddy’s grandfather Michael lived near Ashleigh when he was recruited by Marquis of Sligo as caretaker of the property. At the time, he took up residence in what is now Waterfall Cottage where Paddy’s father John would have also lived until they moved to their house at Doolough, which was originally the residence of Captain Houstoun’s coachman. Captain Houstoun was the owner of Doolough house which is now a ruin.

That is basically how the Heneghans came to live in the area and a brief family history.

D. McEvoy
Click here – The following is a eulogy I gave at Paddy’s funeral