November Fishery News

Well at this stage we’re almost two months into the closed season and it’s hard to believe we’ll be open for fishing again in just over two months.

As you all know by now from our annual newsletter we finished with a respectable total of fish for the year, with some crackers included. Our weather has continued relatively dry with only 220.1mms or 8.6” for the month of October. November was a little wetter early on but now we have settled into a cold, dry and calm pattern i.e. lovely winter weather. It is also worth noting that the scenery has changed completely and we have leafless trees and brown and withered landscapes.

Our post season brood stock netting is well underway and we have 600 fish held already. There are no 20 pounders yet but there are some magnificent fish among them. The netting activity will continue for the next few weeks as often as possible. The stripping of the fish should start late the first week or early the second week of December with the busiest period normally being the 10 days leading up to Christmas.

Very few sea trout have spawned as yet, as we have not had a reasonable flood since about the 10th of November which is normally a little early. We did get a chance to do some rehab on some of the streams which will make spawning easier for trout.

If you have not received a copy of our annual newsletter you can do so through the office or just click here to download.

And don’t you all worry if we catch that 20 pounder there will be a picture up on this site and keep dreaming of fish and Delphi in the meantime till the season re opens.