Normal Service Resumed

John Mills 1st AugGladly the weather has returned to more normal patterns as have our water temperatures which decreased to 13.8 degrees as of this morning. While our rainfall was not as heavy as forecast or what fell in other places, we did get 30mms on Wednesday and it certainly gave the system a good washout, with the river going to 75 that evening. Since then the weather has been mixed with the river holding between 40 and 50.

The fishing was quite slow up until the rain, with Delphi’s Mick Wade getting off the mark on Tuesday evening with fish of 8lbs7ozs on a Collie Dog from the stream in Finlough.

With the rain on Wednesday, it certainly livened things up from a piscatorial perspective. On Thursday the whole system was in smashing order and we landed four fish, two off the River and two off Fin. William Beattie had the first, a sea liced fish of approx. 5lbs8ozs from the Horseshoe on a Willie Gunn. The author of this blog finally got his first Delphi fish of the season, of 5lbs6ozs from the Quarry pool on a Delphi Collie. John Mills then had the pick of the week with a magnificent fish of 12lbs 4.5ozs from Finlough on a Willie Gunn. Finally later that evening I landed another one of 3lbs5ozs from Fin stream on a Delphi Collie.

John Scanlon 2 AugFriday we had another four fish, three from the river and one from Fin. John Scanlan was first off the mark with a fish from Morrisons of 5lbs on a Cascade. Martin Stokes then had one from the Turn pool of 3lbs1oz on a Delphi Collie. Liam Dunne also had a fish from the Rock pool of 4lbs2ozs on a Cascade, Finally William Beattie had one of 7lbs from Fin on a Green Peter.

Yesterday we had seven fish, three off the river and four from Finlough. Derek Strauss landed a fish from the Horseshoe of 3lbs6ozs on a Van Beck Special. Gian Piero and Bobby Chinn both managed to land their first ever salmon, from the Turn pool of 4lbs12ozs and 5lbs respectively on a Collie Dog and a Shrimp fly. David Dunne landed two off Fin of 8lbs4ozs and 3lbs13ozs, on a Hotspot Shrimp and a Flame Thrower. The father and son team of John and Alexander Mills also had one each off Fin of 6lbs13ozs and 4lbs7ozs on a Silver Grey and a Willie Gunn.

So far today Alexander Mills has landed one fish off Finlough of 8lbs9ozs on a Willie Gunn. This afternoon has been a bit quieter as we have a beautiful sunny afternoon, but Gareth Beattie did manage to land a fish from the Whin pool of 5lbs5.5ozs on a Silver Grey. I would also expect some more activity later on this evening.

Martin Stokes 2 AugAt the moment the river is at 40 so there should be plenty of water for the next few days. I will be expecting great things this week as we have a full quota of experienced anglers!!!


Gian Piero Garda 3 AugDavid Dunne 3rd Aug