Nice and Steady

The fish were late starting but it has been nice and steady since then.

Since my last update we have had 5 fish. There was 1 on Friday, 3 yesterday and 1 this morning. This brings total for the month and the year to 9 fish.

Friday’s fish was caught by Liam Dunne off Finlough in the stream and weighed in at 10lbs and .5 of an ounce. It also took a Willie Gunn. His fishing partner Paul Smyth had lost one on the river in the morning.

Laurence Lock is back and managed to hook and land a fish within 10 minutes of starting in the stream on Finlough. The fish weighed in at 8lbs2ozs and was taken on a Mediator.

Brian O’Donohue who started on the river yesterday morning landed 2 fish from the Whin pool, in 30 minutes. The first weighed in at 6lbs5ozs and the second was approximately 10lbs. Both fish were surprisingly taken on a Willie Gunn!!

This morning Laurence Lock had the first fish off Doolough of 7lbs approx. This was taken on a Blair Spoon in WeedyBay.

We are also joined this week by Keith Pilkington and Peter Morrison who have a lot to live up to after the great week they had last year. Peter is half the reason why the Morrison Pool got it’s name; Tom was the other. Peter lost it and Tom caught it ( it being the salmon of course) 30 minutes later, with Peter’s fly and leader still intact. After a coincidence like this it was decided to rename the Islandpool to Morrison’s.

Believe it or not this event actually took place on the 24th of March 1993.

Water is now running at 30 and weather is mild so I would expect the present trend of landing fish to hopefully continue.