New Season Begins

087Firstly apologies for keeping you all in suspense, but as of this moment in time there has been no bar of silver landed yet. I should have informed you all before now but it was just a question of sitting my ass down and getting my head into the blog writing mode again after a very busy winter that seems to have flown by.

The broodstock netting went well with more fish than we would have expected going on the rod catches. It just seems that for some reason last year that fish just appeared to go into hibernation after the first week in August. This seemed to be a trend in other fisheries also.

The weather here in the off season in a word was “wet”. Our total rainfall for the four closed months was 1265.4mms or 49.8 inches. As a result there was indeed no shortage of water for both salmon and sea trout to spawn whenever nature deemed necessary.

Our shooting was also successful with the maximum 6 groups being taken. These take a lot of work and organization and it rewarding when everyone goes away happy.

The only down side for me was that I was one dog less as Ben my older lab passed away very peacefully and without warning. All I can say is that he had a lot of miles on the clock and if he were a human I can safely say that he would have achieved more in life than he set out to.

So as is always the case we went straight from shooting to fishing overnight. I didn’t wet a line myself till yesterday as we were snowed under with tagging smolts and shocking and counting eggs.

We did however have a few local experts out on the first day, Peter Joyce and Sheamus Heneghan among them. Sheamus had a fresh fish on for about 40 seconds in the Meadow pool. As usual it was on his Badger Tube (or shaving brush as I have heard some people call it) on a floating line.

I’m afraid that, that has been the only moment of excitement so far. Water conditions have been good but the temperature is low at 5 to 6 degrees, but as one of our famous patrons always says “you never know the minute”.

So for any of you feeling the urge we have plenty of availability at the moment because if the flies aren’t in the water you’re certainly not going to catch that elusive first.

Just if you have forgotten what it looks like I include a wintry photo of the Rock Pool.

Feel free to contact us here at Delphi on 095 42222 or myself after hours on 087 6388510. D.McEvoy