Rock Pool Feb 4thI’m afraid the West is still expecting, although needless to say Angus Sutherland’s party gave it a good go and Enrico Fantasia nearly got us off the mark. Believe it or not it was on Finlough on a Willie Gunn and the fish of 6 to 7lbs came off just before the net. There was indeed great disappointment.

Better luck next time Enrico.

We are quiet again for the next few days if any of you readers want to wet a line. However, there are still one or two die hards trying their luck.

On a more serious note, just to let you all know there is demonstration against the proposed Aran Island Salmon Farm on Saturday 2nd of March at 12 noon in Eyre Square in Galway.

At present Ireland produces between 10,000 and 12,000 tonnes of farmed salmon p.a. If it goes ahead this farm will produce 15,000 tonnes of farmed salmon p.a. At full capacity it will hold 3.5 million fish and will pose a serious threat to wild Atlantic salmon primarily through sea lice and escapees.

BIM say that it may create 500 jobs; but my question is how many will lose jobs if it goes ahead, in the tourism, angling tourism, fishing and other related industries. Since the 1980’s salmon farming here has cost  the Irish taxpayer 50 million euros in grant aid. At present there are 250 people employed in the industry.

More information on this whole issue can be viewed on
Please look it up and do what you think is right. D.McEvoy