Native Woodland Scheme

Delphi_oak_treeAs part of our committment to protect this unique environment we have just completed planting 60,000 native hardwood trees in the Delphi Valley. Over the last 18 months we have been working on this project which will be of huge environmental benefit to the Delphi Valley as the years roll on.

These trees, Oak, Birch, Alder, Rowan and Willow, have not been planted with a view to harvesting them for wood but rather to provide a far wider diversity to this fragile environment. As the trees mature they will help provide a wider range of insect and bird life as well as stabilizing the banks of the rivers and lakes and visually returning a large portion of land to what it would have looked like many centuries ago.

The Delphi Valley is a special area of conservation (SAC) of very high importance. The Bundorragha River which is the outflow from Doolough and Finlough is the best remaining site for fresh water pearl mussels in Europe and as a result is under the control and protection of National Parks & Wildlife. These hardwoods will help maintain the all-important water quality of our lakes and rivers. And in years to come we may look forward to some beautiful natural nature trails around the valley.

Michael Wade – General Manager – Delphi Lodge