Mr.Otter bags Delphi’s Second


Feb 23 - O'Boyle GroupMr. Otter is indeed a very prolific fisherman as he managed to land a 16lbs 5 ozs fish in the Kings pool in very difficult conditions.  Ha, ha I do of course mean the 4 legged otter who obviously had a nice feed last night when he bagged this one.

Surprisingly he hadn’t eaten very much so for what’s left we are most grateful to you Mr.Otter.

It was actually the O’Boyle party of Ken, Ray, James and Guy who are here enjoying the wine, food and art weekend who discovered the fish in shallow water. I was showing them how to fly fish at the time. From the attached picture one would assume they had caught the fish but we were all privileged to see such a fine salmon so early in the year.

As some of our serious anglers have arrived I hope it’s not just Mr.Otter who has his name on the score sheet in the near future!! D.McEvoy