Midge Heaven

Ciaran Boland JulyThere were a couple of days this week when we realised why the Connemara midge is respected and feared the world over. When we ourselves describe them as the worst they can possibly be, they are bad.

It was totally impossible to be outside on Monday or Tuesday without a midge net.

The fishing for the week was not bad with 23 fish landed.

Christopher Jarman started his week well last Saturday with 3 fish. He had one off the Turn and one off the Quarry, both on a Black Dog and weighing in at approx. 3lbs. He then had a fish of 3lbs12ozs off the Waterfall on a Silver Stoat.

Andrew Brough landed a 2lbs13oz fish off the Boat Pier on Finlough on a Badger and later on that evening the author had a fish of 4lbs14.5ozs on a Delphi Collie.

Sunday was disappointing given the conditions with only one fish landed by the author of 1lb12ozs from the Bridge pool on a Delphi Collie again.

On Monday David Desborough did well to land a fish of approx. 6lbs from the Rock pool on a Cascade. Bob Hadden was also on the score sheet with a fish of approx 3lbs also on a Cascade.

John Mills was the star on Tuesday with 2 fish off Finlough one of approx. 6lbs and the second of 4lbs1.5ozs, both on a Willie Gunn. Conor O’Leary had a fish in the evening off the Rock pool of 3lbs2ozs.

Christopher Jarman was the saviour on Wednesday with a 8lbs12oz fish off the Turn pool on a Beaded nymph..

On Thursday we landed 6 fish. Christopher Jarman had 2, one of approx. 6lbs on a Silver Stoat off Finlough and one of 7lbs11ozs off Morrison’s also on a Silver Stoat. He also lost a bigger one with he and the fish disappearing under Bundorragha bridge and tearing his new waders in the process.

Ivan Shenkman had 2, including his first ever salmon. Both were off Finlough weighing in at 3lbs9ozs and both on Collie Dogs. Peter Curling part of the Shenkman party also had a fish off the Rock pool of 4lbs8ozs on a Cascade.

Finally Alexander Mills had one of approx. 3lbs8ozs off Finlough on a Silver shrimp.

Yesterday we had only one which was taken by Ciaran Boland on the tattered Gaula Temple Dog that has now 9 salmon caught. The fish weighed in at 5lbs15ozs.

So far today we have 4 fish landed. Alexander Mills had a fish of 4lbs7ozs off the Rock pool on a Red and Gold shrimp and Barry Farrell had 2, one off Doolough of approx. 5lbs on a Golden Olive Bumble and one off the Whin on a Kingsmill, weighing in at 4lbs7ozs. His fishing partner Kevin Gill also had a fish off Doolough of approx. 4lbs on a Kingsmill.

Reports are of good sea trout fishing today, but for those sea trout heads out there I’ll give a full update tomorrow.

Total salmon for the year now stands at 215. The river is still holding nicely at 22 and most fish being caught are still sea liced.