Mattias Gets Us Off to A Flyer

Well its hard to believe that we are already back up and running at the fishing for another season here at Delphi. As has often been the case for the last number of years we had a group of Germans from Bavaria, who join us for the last couple of days of the shooting season and the start of the fishing. We had two very enjoyable days shooting, with Wednesday being a beautiful day and then yesterday being totally miserable.Delphi_01012019_4

Today on the other hand is glorious, with Delphi being surrounded by snow covered mountains and basking in beautiful winter sunshine. There was great enthusiasm this morning as our anglers set forth for the river in search of that elusive first of the season here at Delphi.

Mattias wasn’t first out of the traps but he took his time and chose his tactics to perfection, aided and guided by our in-house instructor Robert Gillespie.

While all others had come back for lunch Mattias and Robert fished the river out and Mattias was duly rewarded when he hooked and landed a beautiful sea liced 14lbs3ozs fish in the Meadow Pool on a Delphi Collie at 1.30pm. As is often the case this time of year it is the middle hours of the day that are most productive as a little bit of nature creeps into the day.

All I can say is well done Mattias, it was indeed thoroughly deserved and what a fabulous way to start the season. Delphi_01012019_5For anyone interested we do have availability during the coming week, if you would like to brush off those cobwebs! D.McEvoy

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