Mary Bags our Second

Well, after Mattias cracking first fish of the season here on opening day, we had a lull for a few days, as one would often expect this early in the season. Conditions were reasonable, if anything the water being a little high, rarely falling below 65.

There were a few people who did take the initiative and venture forth in the hope of an elusive early spring fish. One of these was Mary Donovan, an experienced Delphi angler who tried her luck. Conditions were difficult yesterday with the river at 70, but Mary persisted, guided by the very experienced Peter Joyce. The teams experience and luck were in, when Mary landed a beautiful 8lbs10.5ozs fish in the Waterfall Pool yesterday at 14hrs20. Once again, the fish was taken on a Delphi Collie tied on a copper tube, fished on an intermediate line with a sinking tip.

It goes without saying that, when I went down the river to take photos, I was met by two beaming faces. All I can say is well done to both and thank you Mary for taking the initiative and giving it a go. There is no question that fishing in February is difficult. It is, more often than not cold and miserable. People always say to me that they didn’t see any fish, but I know from experience that this time of year you rarely see fish break the surface here.

There are times in the right light conditions that experienced fish spotters, with good glasses will be able to pick up that grey shape under the water. There is also the added attraction of fishing in one of the most beautiful places in the country in total peace and tranquillity. As one of the Delphi greats John Mills used to say; “Keep the flies in the water and you’d never know the minute.”

There are some rods left this month, here and there, but anyone interested can ring the office on 095 42222 or you can call me directly on 087 6388510. (Evening time probably best to get me). Remember if you’re not in you can’t win!! D.McEvoy

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