March Report and April Begins with Sunshine and Fish

Our total catch for the month was 13, which is actually the same as last year. It is slightly below the 10 year average, but in my opinion there were plenty of fish entering the system but unusually for springers they were proving hard to get. The river produced six fish and Finlough seven.

Water conditions throughout the month were generally good with a total of 259.7mms (10.22”) of rain. There was a period in the middle of the month where water levels dropped from the 15th to the 25th.

The first week in March saw an experienced group of German anglers land three fish. Marcel Dittrich had two for the week of 11lbs1oz and 8lbs15ozs, while Max Groener managed to land his second ever salmon on his last day with the river running at 70.

There were three the second week by John Shipley, Ronan Walsh and Michael McLaughlin, the pick of which was Ronan Walsh’s picture perfect fish off the Meadow of 9lbs.

An experienced Swedish group had four fish the following week, all off Fin. The pick of these was Hasse Dehlin’s of 9lbs9ozs. I must also mention Nils Anderssen, a Norwegian big fish specialist who finally managed to land his first Delphi salmon.

The fourth week was a bit slow with only two landed, but there were quite a few risen and lost. The two landed were both off Fin taken by Florian Schweitzer and Ralph Dietrich

The last few days in March saw Atlantic depressions return with a vengeance with plenty rain and strong gales with cold North Westerly’s. Keith Pilkington landed the last fish of the month on the 30th, from the Waterfall of 8.5lbs approx. on a Collie Variant. That brought our total for the month to thirteen and twenty five for the first two months of the season.

IMG_7012The first six days in April has seen some good angling here at Delphi with six fish landed. The sunshine has appeared again and the scenery is only stunning. Water levels have also held up nicely with the river now running at 40. There are also good numbers of fish running. Any time I check the river I see fish and they seem to be a little more active despite the beautiful weather.

Heribert had a sea liced fish of 6lbs on the 1st of April from the Deadmans on a Beltra Badger. This was followed up on the 3rd by Lennart who landed one of approx. 7lbs from the Meadow Pool on a Delphi Collie.

We then had two fish on the 5th both landed by Gareth Byrne the first of 7lbs6ozs from the Meadow Pool on a Red Francis tube. His second was also from the Meadow pool of approx. 8.5lbs and again on the Red Francis tube. There were two on the 6th with Mick Kelly landing the first of approx. 8lbs on a Collie Dog. Luke Drey landed a nice fish of approx. 7lbs shortly afterwards on a Cascade tube. This believe it or not was the first fish landed in the Rock pool this year which for those of you who know the system is amazing.

Top of the pools is the Meadow pool with ten landed followed by the Waterfall with five. This is actually ten more than the two combined last year. I expect water levels to hold nicely till the weekend at least, so I’ll be expecting and hoping for a few more fish in the next few days.