March- Good Conditions but Fishing Slow

We are now into April and at the moment Storm Kathleen is Raging outside, with all fishing cancelled today. It’s actually the first day this year that Delphi has been unfishable due to weather conditions, which throughout March were generally excellent with rainfall amounting to 256.65mms(10.10”) and the gauge varying between  a low of 20 and a high of 70. Our fishing pressure was consistent with excellent anglers throughout.

Despite this, catches were slow with Seamus O’Neill getting us off the mark, with a fish of approx. 9lbs from the Rock Pool on a Black Shrimp on the 14th. There were then 4 more in the final week of the month, 3 off Finlough, one from Sligo Bay and two from Boat Point. The fish were taken by Bernhard, Benni and Werner, two on a Sunrae and one on a Delphi Collie. The fish were approx. 9, 7 and 10.5lbs respectively. Hasse Dehlin from Sweeden also had a cracking fish of approx. 12lbs from the Deadman’s on a Breakfast Fly (a Norwegian Special).

That brought our total for the month to 5, which is well below our 10 year average of 17. Needless to say given the conditions it’s disappointing, but I’m hopefull they will arrive in April and May, as our returns last year to the system were excellent, even though, this was not reflected in the rod catch. Catches to date throughout the county have been slow, but many of the bigger rivers have been flooded out. All I can say is that fingers crossed my prediction for a good Spring run will come through, although one never knows with salmon.

On a more positive note Mark Corps got April off to an excellent start, when he landed a cracking fish of approx. 17lbs from Gough’s Bay on Finlough on a Cascade on the 2nd . He had an excellent tutor in his boat partner and long time Delphi regular Michael Shortt. Friday was almost unfishable with the river rising 2 feet and it’s difficult to stand today not alone fish, but hopefully the with conditions looking much more favourably in the next few days, the fishing will pick up. We live in hope.